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The Terme di Saturnia Spa & Golf Resort is a luxury four star hotel built about of travertine. It has 128 different rooms ranging from standard, to comfort, superior, deluxe, executive and grand suites. The philosophy behind the hotel is a balance between the natural and manmade.

This concept of natural and manmade is central in every aspect of the hotel, the pools and the golf course.

The result is a hotel in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

The Saturnia Hot Springs begin their life at this hotel. The source of the thermal waters sits under the hotel’s main pool. From here it gushes into an olympic pool. Here, hotel guests and outside visitors float and do laps, while others dine in the Michelin-starred restaurant, Acquacotta, that borders the pool. Acquacotta is one of the Maremma’s most celebrated restaurants. It prepares modern takes on the local cuisine, so plenty of delicious and seasonal dishes like homemade pasta with game ragus and locally sourced meat. The hotel has its own kitchen garden, where all the fruit and vegetables used in dishes are sourced. You can book a spot for lunch or dinner at the restaurant on the official Terme di Saturnia website.

On the other side of the pool is a smaller fruit juice and smoothie bar and cafe, where you can have coffee, tea and cocktails by the pool.

But back to the water. The pool is open to hotel guests and outsiders. From here, the warm water flows into the spa’s lower pools. These are the most popular pools and they’re always filled with visitors and locals. The main pool area has hot and cold water pools, jacuzzis and indoor pool, waterfalls and a kiddie pool. All the water is thermal water, so it’s water and has plenty of curative properties.

From here the water flows out of the hot springs, down a river, known as the Gorello, by locals and into the waterfall that is the world-famous Cascate del Mulino.

There is a bit of confusion online over the name of Saturnia hot springs. The free hot springs. The gorgeous waterfall and travertine pools that you see plastered all over TripAdvisor is actually the Cascate del Mulino. This is free and is open 24/7. The water here is slightly cooler, since it’s been on quiet a journey that started all the way at its source.

The Terme di Saturnia is the spa complex and hotel. To swim here, you have to pay. Tickets are €30 for adults and that includes entry into the upper pools, where the water is the warmest and most pure.

Entry includes use of the ample shower, change rooms, toilets and lockers. But you have to pay extra for things like towels, slippers, sun decks and umbrellas. There is a small bar and ice cream shop in the main pool area.

The hotel also has a celebrated spa centre, where you can book massages and other beauty treatments. The spa makes beauty products with the thermal mud, which is meant to have anti-ageing and beautifying properties. You can also buy them at the spa.

The Terme di Saturnia also has a revolutionary diet programme that revolves around raw food and exercise. You can find out more on the website.

The Terme di Saturnia is a four-star hotel with all the trimmings, gorgeous gardens and a gigantic golf course. Like the pools, this is open to both hotel guests and outsiders.

If you’re looking for a little slice of luxury then the Terme di Saturnia is the perfect place to enjoy the Saturnia’s hot springs. Sure, you have to pay, but its infinitely more comfortable, cleaner and more luxurious than the Cascate del Mulino. There’s also the added bonus of having a bathroom/shower/change room and you simply can’t overlook the fact that you are swimming at the source, so the water is warmer and cleane

Acquista la tua esperienza alle Terme di Saturnia, al miglior prezzo garantito. Scegli tra le varie proposte per una giornata di relax nelle terme più belle della Toscana. Potrai scegliere tra Ingresso al Parco Termale, Ingresso Aqua Bar e Ingresso Club Benessere.

The water of Saturnia

Benefits and Characteristics

Malattie vie respiratorie

  • sindromi rinosinusitiche-bronchiali croniche;
  • bronchiti croniche semplici o accompagnate da componente ostruttiva (con esclusione dell’asma e dell’enfisema avanzato, complicato da insufficienza respiratoria grave  o da cuore polmonare cro-nico)
  • Cure inalatorie: (inalazioni, nebulizzazioni, aerosol, humage) ciclo di 24 prestazioni
  • Ciclo di cura integrato della ventilazione polmonare controllata comprendente: Visita specialistica,12 ventilazioni polmonari medicate e non, 12 aerosol, 6 inalazioni o nebulizzazioni (da effettuarsi a giorni alterni)



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Il campo da golf di 18 buche, si estende per 70 ettari. Zone collinari in lieve pendenza e qualche fairway ondulato caratterizzano l’intera area del campo. La struttura ha ottenuto la certificazione ambientale internazionale GEO ed è facile incontrare alle prime ore del mattino caprioli, istrici e lepri. Il campo è aperto tutti i giorni.

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